Dehumidifiers: Compare features & prices DeLonghi DEM10 10 Litre review

The DeLonghi 10 Litre dehumidifier is of average size and price - but is it average at sucking water out of the air? Read on to find out just how well it works plus, whether you're likely to be bothered by the noise it makes at the same time.
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In this review you will find out if this dehumidifier is suitable for your home, how it compares to other dehumidifiers in terms of moisture extraction at different temperatures, how noisy it is and how much energy the dehumidifier uses. 

The best dehumidifiers will quietly and efficiently extract moisture, without adding too much to your electricity bill. The worst are difficult to use, don't extract that much moisture and are annoyingly noisy.

You can use our rigorous test results to find out whether this dehumidifier is worth buying. Or whether there's another dehumidifier we've tested that's better for your home and budget.

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DeLonghi DEM10 10 Litre

  • Launch date: Aug 2009
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