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How a gas hob works

Gas hobs are the most common type of hob you'll find in a kitchen in the UK. Gas hobs are usually 60cm wide and composed of four gas burners of varying sizes - usually one small, one large and two medium-sized zones for different-sized pans, plus an ignition switch that lights the gas burner you want to use, and knobs allowing you to control and vary the strength of each gas flame.

This guide will take you through the pros and cons of gas hobs - see individual pages on gas glass hobs, ceramic hobs, electric hobs and induction hobs to help you decide which type of hob is best for your kitchen.

Gas hob

Gas hobs are a popular choice in UK homes

If you already know the kind of hob you're looking for, go straight to our hobs reviews for full test results for more than 30 hobs.

Gas hob pros

  • Easy to control heat
  • Gas is an instant, visible heat source
  • Good overall heat distribution

Gas hob cons

  • Must be installed by a qualified gas professional
  • Starting prices tend to be more expensive than basic electric hobs
  • Gas zones can be more difficult and fiddly to clean

Types of gas hob

Conventional gas hob

While most standard gas hobs are four-zoned manual ignition hobs as described above, it's worth shopping around for bigger sizes - up to 90cm wide - and extra features. You'll find gas hobs available with five ring capacity (see below), child-safe controls as well as auto-ignition.

Gas glass hob

The stylish - but usually more expensive - gas glass variety of hob has the gas burners positioned on top of ceramic glass, making them easier to clean than a standard gas hob and giving a more professional kitchen finish. Gas glass models tend to be slower to heat than electric ceramic models.

Five-ring gas hob

Five-ring gas hobs are also available to accommodate larger wok-style pans for a more intense, rapid source of heat - great for rustling up stir-frys. Usually this comes in the form of a large fifth burner in the middle of the hob.

Gas hob

Gas hobs are easy to control and give instant heat

Gas hob brands and typical prices

Gas hobs are widely available from a range of household names, including Bosch, Stoves, AEG Electrolux, Indesit, Smeg and Zanussi.

For a basic, shop own-brand gas hob, prices start at around £75, going up to around £1,200 for a top-of-range premium model. The starting price for a gas on glass is higher - ranging between £200 and more than £1,000 depending on the model, brand and hob features.

Getting a gas hob installed

As with any gas-powered appliance, you shouldn't attempt to install it yourself. Enlist the services of a qualified professional accredited by the Gas Safe Register (previously Corgi registered) to install your gas hob. To ensure an engineer is properly qualified to carry out the work, ask to see their Gas Safe Register card.  Look for recommended gas engineers in your area on Which? Local.

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