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New World cookers

New World, which is part of the Glen Dimplex Group, offers a range of single and double cookers, that are gas, electric or dual fuel. In addition, New World sells range cookers and built-in ovens.

In this guide, we are looking at how New World cookers have done in our tests, but you can find out more about New World range cookers and built-in ovens in our guides to the best range cooker brands and best built-in oven brands.

Some of New World's cookers, such as the New World NW601EDO cooker, come in a number of colours including bleu, red and green. Some also have the grill up top, and others have a cover over the hob - such as the New World 600TSIDMSI cooker - which can act as a splashback when the hob is in use.

To find out how each New World cooker scored, visit our New World cooker reviews, and if you're not sure what type of cooker to get, see our guide to choosing a cooker.

How much do New World cookers cost?

New World cookers cost between £150 and £400, but are typically sold for around £300.

Whether you get a single or double oven can affect the price - doubles tend to be more expensive - so find out which type of cooker is best for you, and use our compare cookers tool to find a cooker that suits your budget.

Which? verdict on New World cookers

We've analysed the results of every New World cooker we've tested since 2008 to see whether its cookers are worth the money.

In the table below, we've outlined how many New World cookers have been Best Buys and Don't Buys, and highlighted the brand's overall pros and cons. You can also see our expert verdict on whether we think you should buy a New World cooker.

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We’ve tested cookers ranging in price from around £150 to just over £1,000, but our Best Buy freestanding cookers start at around £300.

When rating cookers we look at a number of elements:

  • Oven - we use probes to test the accuracy of the temperature controls and bake cakes to check the evenness of baking at different levels in the oven. A good oven will produce evenly raised golden cakes no matter where they are placed in the oven.
  • Hob - we heat a frying pan to 200°C then take a thermal image photograph to show the spread of heat across the hob. The best models will show even-heat distribution - meaning food will be cooked more evenly. We also see how quickly each model can heat a pan of boiling water and test the hob’s simmering ability by cooking rice pudding.
  • Grill - we cover the grill tray with crustless white bread, place it under a hot grill and assess the size and evenness of the toasted area. Some poorly performing grills only manage to toast about 50% of the bread.
  • Cleaning - we let a pan of rice water boiler over and heat a frying pan of oil so fat splatters on the hob. We also use chicken fat to dirty the inside of the oven and leave all these soils overnight. We then attempt to clean the oven using warm water, washing up liquid and a heavy duty scrub sponge. The best models can be cleaned up in a jiffy, while the worst will leave you scrubbing.

Read full reviews of cookers to find out how many in total have been awarded Best Buy or Don’t Buy status, in the Which? cooker reviews.

As well as Best Buy freestanding cookers, we’ve also got Best Buys if you’re looking for a range cooker or built-in oven.

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