George Foreman oven roaster April 2009

George Foreman oven roaster

The king of health grills, George Foreman, has brought out an oven roaster. This compact and versatile appliance also doubles as a grill.

George Forman All Round 14283 Compact Oven Roaster and Baker

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This oven is a first for the king of health grills. With its sleek chrome and black design it's a smart looking piece of kitchen equipment. Compact is the key word here, though – you'd be a little disappointed if you were hoping to roast a family dinner in it.

Though it works similarly to a slow cooker, the oven, which costs around £70 from Argos, has the added function of cooking from the top as well as from the bottom, just like a regular health grill. Fat and grease is drained away through a small hole in the base of the oven, just like other George Forman grills.

We didn't run a full test on it, but we did get one in so we could give it a first look. We cooked a range of foods in it, including a whole roast chicken, an omelette, steaks and an apple crumble, with mixed results – it took an hour and 40 minutes to cook a 1kg chicken, and the meat barely browned at all, and our omelette took a lengthy 30 minutes to cook, but two 6 oz steaks took 10 minutes to cook and came out juicy and slightly browned on both sides.

Pros: Easy to use, versatile

Cons: Rather small, cooks unevenly

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