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The freestanding Lec R5010W counter-height fridge comes equipped with one fixed glass shelf above the single crisper drawer and a freezer compartment. But does this counter-height fridge run efficiently, and how did it do in our lab trials?
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User Image wrote:
xopher wrote:
R5010 or L5010
The review is supposed to be of the R5010, but the text starts with:- "The L5010W fridge from Lec is slow to cool food, is too warm at the manufacturer's recommended setting, and reacts badly to hot room temperatures." The L5010 is the larder fridge version without an ice box. Are the performances of the two similar, or is this an example of careless cut and pasting?
8/7/2013 12:02 PM CUT
User Image wrote:
Drumlin wrote:
Lec Fridge R5010W
The freezer door hinge end is difficult to de-ice, as I can't open the main door far enough. It is held by one screw into plastic, so one shouldn't take it off. Even so, the screw is now wobbly.The door catch mechanism broke. We bought another, but could not find a way to install it. The door is now held shut by wedges, which works OK. Our daughter has had the same trouble. We bought this fridge because of its energy rating.
12/9/2012 12:40 AM CUT

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