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Colour Built in appliances can have the same cupboard door attached to match the rest of your kitchen.

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Energy label New fridge models are now labelled A+++, A++, A+, A, B or C, based on their energy consumption. An A+++ rating indicates the most efficient category, C the least. We've found energy labels aren't always accurate, so we calculate our own energy costs for each fridge we test.

Maximum energy costs We calculate annual energy costs (displayed in £s) using a unit cost of 14.5 p kWh. Real costs will vary depending on your own tariff rate

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Select Brand & model name Price Which? ratings Score
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Oct 2009
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Use the Which? product finder to make the right choice when choosing your ideal fridge. The product finder compares a range of products on criteria including the type of fridge and reliability, as well as performance in the Which? tests. You can also compare extra feature, such as ease of defrosting and cleaning, to narrow down your search.

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1 fridges found

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