Excess food packaging

Excess packaging

  • See our rogues' gallery of products you think are overpackaged
  • Reduce the amount of packaging you throw away 
  • Discover the impact of excess packaging on the environment

Which? Archive

This article, Excess packaging, was last updated on 08 September 2010 and is now out of date and held in our online archive for reference. Explore our latest Home & garden articles.

What's in this guide

Photo gallery: excess packaging?

We asked Which? members to send us photos of products they thought are overpackaged. See our excess packaging photo gallery.

What you can do about over packaging

Why packaging matters and what you can do to cut down on the amount of packaging you throw away.

Packaging FAQs

Commonly-asked questions and answers about food packaging

Photo gallery: packaging in supermarkets investigation

Which? and Trading Standards visited leading supermarkets to hunt down good and bad packaging practice.

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