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Loft conversions

  • Find out what you can expect to pay for your conversion, and see our top saving tips to help cut costs
  • See our step-by-step guide to planning and carrying out your loft conversion to ensure it goes smoothly
  • Get exclusive insider tips from industry experts and homeowners to help you avoid mistakes and frustrations

What's in this guide

Loft conversion costs

Get advice from the experts on how much you can expect to pay for your loft conversion, as well as tips for saving money

Loft conversions: step-by-step guide

Get started with our expert advice on working out whether your loft is suitable, choosing the type of conversion and finding a builder or architect

Loft conversion building regulations and planning permission

Find out if you need planning permission and which building regulations you need to meet

Insider tips from homeowners and experts

Get the inside scoop on loft conversions from those in the know. We've rounded up key advice from industry experts and homeowners

Loft conversions jargon buster

A guide to the key loft conversion technical terms. We'll help you demystify the world of loft extensions and get to grips with common jargon

Loft conversion ideas

Find inspiration in our loft conversion ideas gallery, and learn clever design tips and tricks to help you make the most of your new space