Painting with Dulux PaintPod Cleaning the PaintPod

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PaintPod roller and docking station

Store the roller in the docking station

1. Use up as much paint as you can from the roller and brush, then replace them in the docking station.

2. Press the drain button which sucks paint back from the roller and tube into the paint pack.

3. Remove the dip tube and wipe off any paint with a cloth.

4. Open the lid. Store the dip tube on the clips inside the lid while you remove the paint pack and the white bucket.

5. Fill the white bucket with 5 litres of warm water.

6. Re-assemble the white bucket and dip tube in the PaintPod.

7. Then press the clean button. The machine will run its cleaning cycle, which takes approximately 10 minutes. This is quite noisy – definitely too loud to watch TV at normal volume in the same room.

8. Run a final drain programme with the roller handle held above the PaintPod, so that any remaining water in the tube can drain back into the blue bucket.

9. Remove the blue bucket and docking station and carry to the sink. Pour away the 5 litres of dirty water.

10. Some paint residue will probably remain in the bottom of the blue bucket, so you’ll need to rinse it out. You’ll also need to give the roller a quick rinse, and wash out the triangular brush and paint cup as if you were painting normally.

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