Painting with Dulux PaintPod Step-by-step painting guide

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This article, Painting with Dulux PaintPod, was last updated on 27 May 2010 and is now out of date and held in our online archive for reference. Explore our latest Home & garden articles.

Paint container lid

Peel off the foil cap on the PaintPod to get started

Before you start

1. Shake the paint container for about 10 seconds. 

2. Unscrew the plastic lid from the paint pack, and peel off the foil cap.

3. Insert the paint pack into the white bucket, close the lid, and insert the paint-pump dip tube.

4. Connect the handle and tube to the roller.

5. Plug in the 12-volt power supply transformer.

Painting corners

Paint corners and edges using the included brush

Painting edges with the brush

You’ll still need to use the brush to paint the edges first, and the PaintPod comes with an innovative triangular one.

First, paint any edges or awkward areas with the triangular brush.

The PaintPod comes with a small plastic cup, but we found it just as easy to dip the brush into the opened paint container itself.

Painting with the roller

You need to master the roller technique to avoid drips and splashes.

1. When you want to start painting, press the paint button.

PaintPod control panel

The PaintPod control panel has paint, pause, drain and clean buttons

2. Whenever you stop painting with the roller, press the pause button.

3. Use the roller exactly as normal, but squeeze the trigger until the roller starts to load with paint. 

You don’t continually squeeze the trigger – only when you need more paint on the roller.

It might take some practice to avoid loading too much paint and dripping it over the floor.

Whenever you press the trigger, the pump will briefly go into action and paint will flow along the plastic tube to the roller.

When not in use the roller, brush and plastic cup all fit into the well-designed docking station under the blue lid.

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