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Home improvements and building regulations

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Some home improvements have to be certified to ensure they comply with building regulations

Some home improvements have to be certified to ensure they comply with building regulations. These are minimum standards that cover health, safety and energy efficiency.

If the job counts as building works under the building regulations, you'll need to pay to have it inspected and certified. The list of what counts as building works includes everything from building an extension to installing a new window.

If you're not sure, call your local authority. If it’s a larger job such as an extension, you should submit plans for approval before you start. 

The job of inspecting and certifying is usually done by your local authority’s building control.

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Competent persons schemes

There are competent persons schemes for trades such as electricians, plumbers, heating engineers and glaziers. If you use someone who’s a member, they can self-certify their work.

This means it doesn't need to be submitted to your local authority for building regulation control, and you won't have to pay for it to be inspected. Make sure you're given a certificate on completion of the work or inspection that the work complies with the standards.