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This freestanding, full-sized AEG dishwasher has room for the dishes created by a party of twelve. We tried it out on baked-on everyday stains, such as egg and oats, to see how well it cleans. Read on to find out whether this dishwasher impressed our testers when faced with a full load of dirty pots and pans.
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User Image wrote:
matt.stevens wrote:
Thanks for your feedback about your AEG dishwasher - I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've faced.Our annual white goods brand reliability survey shows that AEG dishwashers have a good overall reliability record, so I hope with this in mind you'll suffer no further problems with the replacement machine.
9/9/2013 10:18 AM GDT
User Image wrote:
Guernseyman wrote:
Disastrous experience
Unfortunately our brand new dishwasher came with a split in the stainless steel drum. This caused an internal leakage which eventually caused the electrics to explode and take out the main fuses in the house. We are awaiting a replacement.From a usage point of view, lower tray is too narrow for the rails on which it runs and consequently it is difficult to push back into the machine once loaded since it gets skewed in so doing and comes off the rails. This was very annoying and was a point denied by AEG and the retailer despite our complaint. They said it was up to us to push it in straight!
29/8/2013 6:24 PM GDT

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