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This slimline Zanussi dishwasher is designed to slot into kitchens that don't have enough space for larger full-sized models. It's a freestanding model that can wash 90 place settings, but does this dishwasher have the power to effectively wash and dry each one? We sent it to the Which? test lab to find out - read on for our full test results and review.
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davidhombre wrote:
Previous version lasted 20 years
Straightforward choice to replace like with like. Very pleased with washing performance though we only ever use the Eco program.Rack wires are at a harsher angle than early model so our very 'dished' bowls have to go in the top now. Upper rack is a better layout than before and can take wide pans.If you do not push top rack in, then the daft wire will catch the rinse aid dispenser as you close the door. Minor complaint really.Would buy again but hopefully not until 2032.
1/5/2012 11:48 PM GDT

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