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German brand Siemens has been around since 1843 and now employs over 13,500 people. Its offering extends far beyond domestic appliances: Siemens bills itself as a 'global engineering and technology services company, [providing] innovative solutions to help tackle the world's major challenges'.

Siemens' tumble dryers range is quite small, and all of its current models are condenser dryers.

We've tested several Siemens tumble dryers in our Which? test lab since 2010, including the Siemens WT46E100GB. To find out how each model scored, check out our individual Siemens tumble dryer reviews.

How much do Siemens tumble dryers cost?

Siemens tumble dryers generally cost between £450 and £950. To find exactly the right model for your home and budget, use our tumble dryer comparison tool.

Which? verdict on Siemens tumble dryers

We've analysed the results of every Siemens tumble dryer we've tested since 2010 to see whether its tumble dryers are worth the money. In our test lab, we test four different drying programs, including cupboard-dry and iron-dry programs to see just how quick and how thoroughly they'll dry your washing. We also record energy use, running costs, evenness of drying, creasing, noise and how easy the tumble dryer is to use. Only the very best models across all these measures become Best Buy tumble dryers.

In the table below, we've outlined how many of the Siemens tumble dryers we've tested are Best Buys, and highlighted the brand's overall pros and cons. You can also see our expert verdict on whether we think you should buy a Siemens tumble dryer.

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