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Water tank capacity If you do lots of ironing in one go, opt for an iron with a larger water tank. Steam generators have a larger tank than steam irons.

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Auto shut-off An auto shut-off is a safety feature that stops the iron from heating if it hasn't been moved for a period of time - useful if you've ever forgotten to unplug your iron after using it.

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Replaceable anti-calcium cartridges Models with replaceable anti-calcium cartridges are less likely to need you to follow a cleaning regime to descale them, but you will have to purchase replacement cartridges at additional cost to keep the iron in working order.

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Add this product to the comparison basket Tefal FV4486 Ultraglide Premium Tefal
FV4486 Ultraglide Premium

Aug 2011
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Add this product to the comparison basket Tefal FV5370 Aquaspeed Tefal
FV5370 Aquaspeed

Jun 2011
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52 steam irons found

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