Washer-dryers: Compare features & prices Neff V6320X0GB review

Neff claims its built-in V6320X0GB washer-dryer is the ultimate space saver, and that you won't notice it quietly working away behind the cupboard door. It has 15 programs in all, but we were interested to see how this washer-dryer performed with simple, everyday loads when we sent it to the lab for testing.
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User Image wrote:
discriminator wrote:
unreliable, not user friendly and poor value for money
Which testers need to pretend they are real world customers more - this test is typical of many recent tests when technical features are tested by people who are used to the technical aspect of a consumer item and in regular touch with manufacturers. This machine is may be technically good but is not up to the quality that should be expected for the price and is not easy to use.First of all our machine was sold to us by an independent dealer who said they would not touch AEG products due to their unreliability. Well the Neff product leaked water all over our kitchen floor while we were away a week after installation - a faulty inlet valve the problem. Then the lettering on the front panel started to wash off after hardly any use!The machine replaced a Bosch that had worked for 25 years with hardly a glitch and never came up to the level of useability of the older machine even though Neff is part of same group! (Comparing Bosch and Neff would be a useful addition to testing of domestic appliances. We were told Bosch machines were made in Spain or elsewhere and Neff made in Germany but I believe that this is not true any more - if it ever was). The machine does crease clothes badly even on lower speed spins. The dryer defaults to a very long drying period and there is no details of whether this could cause over-drying as no explanation is given of drying sensors. An e-mail request for further info was never replied to by Neff. Certainly not a good example of German technology or engineering and definitely poor value for money.PS Neff use a premium rate telephone number for customers to call to resolve problems caused by their product - another aspect of customer relations & service that Neff have wrong at the moment.
3/10/2013 8:37 PM CUT
User Image wrote:
SheilaSparkle wrote:
Poor relibility
The washer is excellent and fairly quiet. During the 18 months I have had the machine, I have had to call the engineer out 7 times, as the dryer keeps failing. It is still not working correctly and I would not recommend this machine.
14/9/2013 12:24 PM CUT
User Image wrote:
janette.davey wrote:
due to lack of space this washerdryer seemed the answer.the wash is perfect but the drying leaves a lot to be desired.The washing comes out so creased it's really difficult to iron. If i stop the program short it still comes out very creased.Would i buy this product again no i would't.
25/4/2012 6:39 PM CUT

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