Washing machine reviews: Reliability

93%The reliability score for the washing machine brand with the best reliability record

Every year we survey thousands of Which? members about any problems they've had with their home appliances, to find out which brands are the most reliable. Here we reveal our results by showing you the most reliable washing machine brands that should give you unrivalled service.

The highest-scoring brand has a reliability score of 93% - and the table below reveals which brand makes the top spot, plus reliability scores for the big brands including Hotpoint, Bosch, Beko, Indesit and Zanussi. 

Buy a reliable washing machine brand

For an at-a-glance guide to the best and worst washing machine brands according to our reliability survey, Which? members can log in to unlock the score table below. If you're not already a member, you can sign up to try out full access for one month, for just £1. Once you've discovered the best brand for you, go straight to our our in-depth washing machine reviews area to find the best model.

Washing machines Which? reliability index
AEG / AEG ElectroluxSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
BekoSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
BoschSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
HooverSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
HotpointSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
IndesitSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
John LewisSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
LGSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
MieleSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
SiemensSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
WhirlpoolSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content
Zanussi / Zanussi-ElectroluxSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content

Common washing machine problems

Which? members have told us about the reliability record of their washing machines. We’ve heard from more than 5,000 of you about annoyances such as odd smells coming from the drum, unusually noisy machines and damage to clothing. You've also reported serious faults that will stop you using your washing machine, such as broken motors. The most common washing machine problems are:

  • Balance / wobble of machine 12%
  • Bad smell 10%
  • Mould 9%.

To solve these problems, watch our video guides showing you how to deal with the most likely causes of these problems. Head for our repairs pages if you have a mouldy or smelly washing machine, or if your washing machine is wobbling, you'll want our video on models being excessively loud. We've also got video guides about washing machines that make strange noises, and what to to do if you have problems with the detergent drawer

Washing machine red

Look for washing machines with three stars or more for reliability

Reliability and Best Buys

A washing machine can only qualify as a Best Buy if the brand has scored at least three out of five stars for reliability, or if the model has a free five-year warranty.

Washing machine reviews you can trust

Nobody goes to the same lengths that we do when testing washing machines. We see how washing machines deal with tough stains, such as ink, olive oil, milk and blood, to reveal which machines tackle the most common stains that you encounter - and we wash more than 1,750kg of laundry every year, making our laundry basket heavier than a car.

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