Christmas gift guide: Best Christmas food

Christmas food

It's never too early to get excited about what you'll eat and drink this Christmas. 

Our food and drink experts have tasted a selection of Champagnes, sparkling wines and Christmas puddings to help you choose the best to celebrate this Christmas.

In this table, we have a great value Champagne for less than £30 and a great value Prosecco that will give you change from £10, plus details of a Best Buy Christmas pudding - and there are more affordable sparklers in our reviews. We also bring you the most delicious cheeses, including a great value brie. 

Best Christmas food

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Best food for Christmas
ProductTest scoreTypical priceWhy buy this gift?Similar gift ideas


Best Champagne
80%Subscriber only contentIn our Christmas 2014 taste test, our wine experts were impressed with this great value, dry Champagne - describing it as well made with a stylish balance of acidity and sweetness. Sign up or log in to see more Best Buy Champagne.For Christmas 2014 we tested 14 Champagnes from a variety of retailers. Find out more about the best Champagnes to buy.

Sparkling wine

Best sparkling wine
78%Subscriber only contentIn our latest taste tests this sparkling wine has the fragrance and slight sweetness typical of good Prosecco  and scored highest overall  To see more Best Buy sparkling wine, sign up or log in.Discover which sparkling wines were named Best Buys in our Christmas 2014 taste test, from 11 on test.

Blurred xmas-pudding-for-table

Best Christmas pudding
85%Subscriber only contentOur experts described this great value Best Buy Christmas pudding as 'simply majestic', with great depth of flavour.  To discover this Best Buy and more,  sign up or log in.We've tasted 11 Christmas puddings, find out which gained Best Buy status in our Christmas 2014 taste tests.

Cheddar cheese

Best cheddar cheese
76%Subscriber only contentOur experts loved the crumbly, crunchy texture and complex flavours, awarding this cheese the highest rating for taste this year. Sign up or log in to find out this Best Buy.We've tested 15 cheddars from various retailers. Find out more about the recommended top five cheddars.

Brie cheese

Best brie cheese
75%Subscriber only contentThis ripened brie is a perfect addition to your Christmas cheeseboard with a pleasant, balanced flavour and soft texture. To see this Best Buy cheese, sign up or log in.Discover more about our top five brie cheeses that are nicely ripened and have complex flavours.

Sausage blurred

Best Buy premium sausages
85%Subscriber only contentAnd finally - buy premium sausages for the morning-after fry up. Our experts liked our top-scoring 'meaty' sizzlers for their sweetness and overall taste. Sign up or log in to see these tasty Best Buys.We have five Best Buy sausages to keep you going at Christmas - see why these beat eight others on test.

Of course, there's more to Christmas food and drink than sparkling wines, cheese - and sausages - so where should you be buying your groceries? We have research to help.

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