Men's razors FAQs

Looking for the best men's razor? Below we answer all of your questions about buying men's razors - from the price you need to pay to get a good one to whether manual blades will fit onto powered razor handles. And are disposable razors any good? Read on to find out.

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How much do I need to pay to get a good men’s razor?

£10 will buy you a razor handle and one or two blade cartridges, and you’ll even be able to find Best Buy men’s razors at this price. Powered razors usually come with a battery and one blade cartridge. Manual razors tend to offer two blade cartridges.

Not all of the handle and replaceable blade style razors are Best Buys and some aren’t much better than very cheap disposable razors.

So before buying a new razor, check out our full men’s razors test results.  

Are cheap disposable razors any good?

You can buy a ten pack of cheap, basic, disposable razors for little more than £1. Disposables with more blades, better gripping areas and lube strips cost more, up to around £1 per razor.

The shave-performance of disposables in our tests varies dramatically - some cheap disposable razors did so badly that we’ve awarded them Don’t Buy status. But others are much better and offer shaves comparable with more expensive razors.

Will cheap manual razor blades fit on powered razor’s handles?

If the blades are from the same razor family, such as Gillette Fusion or Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium, the manual versions will fit on powered razor handles. Using cheaper manual blades is a good way of saving money.

The blades will be slightly different but there will be very little difference in the quality of shave you'll get. Gillette tells us the Fusion Power blades have an additional coating and the Fusion ProGlide Power blades come with a microcomb. Wilkinson Sword tell us the lubrication strips are different.

Are razors with five blades better than razors with one?

Multi-blade razors usually do a better job of providing you with a close and comfortable shave than razors with one or two blades. Additional blades give the razor the very best chance of shaving closely and cutting as many hairs as possible.

But more blades mean a wider shave head, and this might make it harder for some to shave neatly around facial hair. So consider a razor with an edging blade on the back of the blade cartridge to help with this or even a twin-blade razor.

Our full men's razor reviews gives our expert verdict on the most well known and popular razor's you'll see in supermarkets and the high street.

How can I buy cheap razor blades?

It pays to wait for special offers when buying a new razor. You’ll find that best selling razors will be on half-price or two-for-one offers in supermarkets for around a third of the year.

It’s harder to find replacement blades on offer, so once you’ve found a razor that you like, buy replacement blades in large packs and make a saving on the cartridge price that way.

Is shaving with a wet razor better than shaving with an electric shaver?

Three quarters of men in the UK shave with a wet razor, so wet shaving is certainly more popular than using an electric shaver. 

But whether you prefer to shave with a wet razor or an electric shaver will be down to personal preference more than anything else.

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