Best and worst brands for customer service: 100 big brands rated for customer service

Fed up of dreadful customer service? We reveal the best and worst firms for treating customers well, voted for by thousands of shoppers.

We've surveyed thousands of customers of big brands to find out which companies are the best and worst for customer service - and our table below reveals the full results.

Customer service can put a smile on your face but it can also make your blood boil. In poll position is cosmetics firm Lush, which first topped our poll in 2013, and retains the top spot this year thanks to its ‘happy atmosphere’ and welcoming staff. You also love how knowledgeable its staff are about Lush products. One shopper labelled it ‘a great shop in every way’.

The firms getting customer service right - and wrong

Other top scorers include First Direct, Lakeland, John Lewis, The Body Shop and Waitrose. All of these brands also appeared in the top five in 2014, except for new entry The Body Shop. But at the other end of the table, telecoms and energy firms dominate yet again – with Scottish Power sitting at the bottom.

You told us about your experiences of its ‘useless’ customer service and unhelpful standardised replies. One unhappy customer said: ‘They have been incredibly unhelpful, rude and blamed us for a fault they have since admitted is their fault.’

The table below shows all 100 brands from our survey, their customer service scores and the star ratings they received for different aspects of customer service. 

How we did our research

We surveyed 3,501 members of the public in May 2015 about the big brands they had interacted with in the previous 12 months, whether face to face or by email, telephone, writing or social networking sites. Brands were chosen based on market share within their sectors and only the largest brands were included. 

Each brand was rated on making their customers feel valued, knowledge of products and services, helpfulness of staff, resolving complaints or problems and access to customer support. Respondents were also asked to give brands an overall rating for customer service, which is where our customer service score comes from.

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