Audiologist in action

Best hearing aid providers: How to get the best hearing aid

  • Expert advice by Which? and Action on Hearing Loss on getting the best hearing aids
  • Understand hearing loss, hearing tests, and NHS vs private treatment
  • Choose the right hearing aids at the right price, without unnecessary expensive features

What's in this guide

What is hearing loss?

What are the different types of hearing loss, and are hearing aids the answer for you?

Hearing aid types

Find the right type of hearing aid for you - from invisible to behind-the-ear hearing aids.

NHS hearing aids

Find out about getting your hearing aids from the NHS, including the pros and cons.

Should I buy a hearing aid privately?

All the information you need about buying your hearing aids privately.

Hearing aid prices

How to buy hearing aids, including what you'll pay, what to ask and things to watch out for.

Getting a hearing test

What to expect when your hearing is tested, and what happens next.

Hearing aid features explained

Explaining features you'll be offered, and using your hearing aids with other technology.

Getting used to hearing aids

Making the most of your hearing aid, including maintenance and follow-up.

Hearing aid problems

Common problems with hearing aids, and what you can do.