Binocular Taster advice

Binoculars: Choosing and buying the best binoculars

  • How to choose the best binoculars for you
  • Important binocular features to look out for
  • Binoculars jargon explained
  • Five easy steps to focussing a pair of binoculars

What's in this guide

Binocular basics

The different types of binoculars available and the key features of binoculars.

Choosing the best binoculars

A video guide and six questions you need to ask before choosing your binoculars. Contains video

Focusing your binoculars

How to focus your binoculars in five easy steps - including using your binoculars dioptre adjustment. Contains video

Binoculars jargon buster

Understanding the key binocular terms and how they will affect the performance of your binoculars.