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Heating & energy

Our Heating & energy section reveals the best products to keep your home warm and efficient, without ramping up your energy bills. From boilers to solar panels, our reviews guide you to the best choices for your home.

Heating & cooling

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  1. 24 JAN 2017
    Stop your energy bill rising by £100s in January
    British Gas and EDF Energy are among the 22 energy deals ending in January 2017. Stop your bill rising by £162 a year on average and save money on energy.
  2. 21 JAN 2017
    Is Lidl's £15 cordless iron a bargain worth buying?
    We try out this cheap cordless iron from Lidl. Can this £15 Lidl iron compete with pricier big brand rivals? Find out if we think it's worth snapping up.
  3. 21 JAN 2017
    Is Fairy washing-up liquid really the best?
    For more than 50 years Fairy has been telling us that its bottle of washing-up liquid lasts longer and cleans better than the competition, but is it true?