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Which? Home news
  1. 31 MAY 2016
    Whirlpool took months to go public on dryer fires
    Which? reveals that Whirlpool knew about the risk its tumble dryers posed for three months before telling retailers about the problem and going public about it.
  2. 30 MAY 2016
    Which? tests reveal three Don't Buy laundry detergents to avoid
    Our latest laundry detergent test reveals three Best Buy laundry liquids or gels and a good non-bio detergent. Plus, save money with a great value detergent.
  3. 29 MAY 2016
    Loft conversions: five things you need to know
    Which? reveals the five key things you need to consider when getting a loft conversion, from planning permission to whether your home will allow one