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Welcome to our small appliance reviews section, where you’ll find everything you need to choose the best expert-rated gadgets for your kitchen and laundry.

Which? Home news
  1. 06 MAY 2016
    Top 10 popular home and garden products on in April
    Which? reviews the top 10 most popular products on the site in April 2016 including reviews for mattresses, washing machines and steam mops
  2. 05 MAY 2016
    Persil increases pack sizes but not prices
    Persil increases the pack sizes for its washing capsules – and claims its prices won’t go up. Which laundry detergent gives you the most washes for your money?
  3. 05 MAY 2016
    Which? tests reveal range cookers to steer clear of
    Which? has tested range cookers to find the best range cooker - and the worst - out there. Read the independent range cooker reviews to find your perfect range.