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How to get discounts on products

  • How you can get massive discounts by buying nearly new, refurbished or clearance products
  • Where you can get discounts deals on technology gadgets and appliances
  • The best time of year to buy cheap products including TVs, cameras and cars

What's in this guide

Bargain TVs, PVRs and DVD players

Discover places to buy end of line and refurbished bargain TVs, PVRs and DVD players.

Discount kitchen appliances

Top places to buy reconditioned or slightly damaged kitchen appliances.

Cheap mobile phones and sat navs

Where to buy clearance bargain mobile phones and discount sat nav systems.

iPods and MP3 player bargains

How to hunt down cut price MP3 players and iPods and knock down prices.

Discount digital cameras

Buying reconditioned, refurbished and slightly damaged digital cameras.

Cheap desktop PCs and laptops

Buying end of line and refurbished laptops and desktop computers.

Electrical bargains - the tactics to watch out for

Are electrical bargains genuinely a good deal?