Best credit card deals 3 steps to finding the best credit card

How credit card interest is calculated

Follow our expert tips to find the best credit card for you 

Credit cards can help you manage your finances in a number of ways, depending on what type of card you choose.

Balance transfer credit cards can help reduce the cost of existing debt, while those who can afford to pay off their bill in full can take advantage of a cashback credit card to earn as they spend every month.

Whatever type of credit card deal you're looking for, the Which? Money Compare comparison tables lets you search hundreds of credit cards, to help you choose the most suitable deal for you, based on quality of service as well as cost and benefits.

The flowchart below, featuring links to the Which? Money Compare tables, makes it simple for you to find the best credit card for your needs.

Do you have a poor or limited credit history?


Certain credit cards are designed specifically to build your credit rating. Bear in mind that these are likely to have lower credit limits and higher interest rates than other options, but they can improve your chance of accessing better deals in future.


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Do you want to cut the interest you pay on existing credit card debt?


Moving existing debt to a 0% balance transfer card is a convenient way to minimise the cost of borrowing. But don't use this card for spending and make sure you pay off the balance before your deal ends to avoid being charged interest.


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Will you be able to pay off your credit card bill in full every month?


If you won't be using your card to borrow, look for one which rewards you for spending. Reward credit cards and cashback credit cards give you something back each time you spend on them.


A 0% purchases credit card will allow you to pay off your bill over a certain period without incurring any interest. However, if you won't be able to pay the full amount back before the 0% deal ends, you'd be better off with a low-rate credit card instead.

This flowchart highlights the most commonly used credit cards, but there are other types that might better suit your needs. 

If you travel abroad regularly, for example, you might consider applying for a credit card that charges low fees on overseas spending. To compare these types credit card deal follow the link to Which? Money Compare

We know that customer service is also an important factor for many of you when choosing a credit card. That's why the Which? Money Compare comparison tables display our unique customer satisfaction ratings for credit card providers alongside each card. 

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