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Some cards are better suited to customers who don't always pay their balance off in full

If you spend on your credit card and rarely repay your bill in full, a credit card that offers a low rate for borrowing could be for you.

Many credit cards offer competitive interest-free deals on balance transfers and purchases, but if you're not likely to pay off the balance before the end of the promotional period and would prefer to have more certainty about the rate you pay, a low-rate card is a good alternative.

Choose the best low-rate credit card

If you just want to be able to make a few extra purchases without feeling pressured to pay off your balance in full, it's worth considering a card with a low standard rate for borrowing.

The Which? Money Compare credit card tables let you search hundreds of credit cards to help you choose a great deal for you based on quality of service as well as cost and benefits.

Which? Money Compare: Best credit cards for low rates - check out some of the best cards with low rates with Which? Money Compare

Getting the most out of low-rate credit cards

There are different types of low-rate credit card, so the best low-rate credit card for you will depend on your circumstances. For example, if you have existing credit card debt, you might want to consider a credit card with a long 0% balance transfer deal and with a low transfer fee.

Bear in mind that even if you're accepted for a credit card you won't always end up with the advertised rate, as many lenders assess your application based on your individual circumstances. Those with better credit ratings are more likely to be offered a lower rate (APR).

On the best low-rate credit cards, you can expect to pay around 7% on outstanding balances, but some come with rates of as much as 18.9%.

Low-rate credit cards - pros and cons

There are usually no annual fees on low-rate credit cards, and what's more, the rate is usually set for the life of the card. This means it's easier to budget as there'll be no unexpected rate increases, and you won't have to switch regularly.

However, if you're looking to transfer a balance, you could be better off with a 0% balance transfer deal, provided you can repay the debt within the promotional period.

Which? Money Compare: Best credit cards for 0% balance transfers - find some of the best deals on the market with Which? Money Compare

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