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Best sterling prepaid cards

If you're travelling abroad to a country that doesn't use the Euro or US Dollar as its main currency, or if you're travelling to more than one country, a sterling prepaid card with low top-up fees and foreign exchange markup could offer great value.

If you're heading to the Eurozone or the USA, a Euro prepaid card or US dollar prepaid card may be a better option. 

Alternatively, a credit card with low fees on overseas spending can work out as the best option for purchases made abroad, as long as the bill is paid off in full each month. 

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Table last updated in April 2016. Next update due September 2016.

Sterling prepaid cards
Card nameForeign exchange mark upForeign ATM feeTop-up fee - debit card  Reload optionsScenario 1 - eurosScenario 2 - dollars
Revolutn/aFree3% (US)Smartphone app£787£696
FairFx Anywhere card1.4%£1FreeInternet/Phone/SMS£802£706
My Travel Cash Multi Currency Card2.99%FreeFreeInternet/Phone/SMS£807£710
ICE Traveller's Cashcardn/aFreeFreeInternet/Phone/Branch£811£714
Monarch Worldwide GB £ Card2.99%FreeFreeInternet£812£715
Escape Travel Moneyn/aFree if over £100aFreeInternet/ mobile phone app£815£722
Travelex Cash Passport (GB£)2.49%FreeFreeInternet/Phone/SMS£818£722
AA Worldwide cardn/a


Free if over £50bFreeInternet/Cheque/Selected Branches£824£728

Table notes:
Scenario 1: Total cost of making seven €100 purchases and two €150 cash withdrawals from an ATM abroad, based on the an average of exchange rates offered across three weeks in April 2016. We also factor in load and cash withdrawal fees.
Scenario 2: As scenario 1, but making seven $100 purchases and two $150 cash withdrawals (provider's fees included).

a Otherwise €2.25/$2.25

b Otherwise €1.5/$1.5

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