Funeral plans: The costs of funeral plans

Funeral plans: basic to comprehensive plans compared

The table below only includes funeral plan providers that are members of the Funeral Planning Authority and not every provider in the market (bespoke plans are also not included).

None of the plans provide headstones, memorials or burial plots, though some will make provision of these and other customisations at extra cost. Age UK, Dignity, Co-operative and Perfect Choice have a network of funeral directors to choose from, the remaining providers will let you choose an independent funeral director that is happy to take on their plan.

All providers offer: a hearse; care of body; guidance on registration and certification of death; arrangement and supervision of the funeral by the funeral director; confidential advice. It should be noted that the quality of coffin will range from basic with a basic plan, to a more expensive coffin with the comprehensive plans. All the plans except from the Co-operative allow you to change arrangements after purchasing the plan, this may involve extra costs if new items are added.  

We highlight cover towards Third party costs for a burial or cremation and whether these are a contribution to burial/cremation costs or fully guaranteed.  

We show only the main plan features. If you require more than is included within the package, you're likely to have to pay extra. Check whether the additional features are guaranteed or a contribution added to cover part of the cost. If it is a contribution check whether this will increase with RPI. 

Funeral plans
 Lump sumContribution to cremation costsContribution to burial costsCancel feeRemoval of body (miles)Following limousinesViewing the bodyFuneral procession
Basic funeral plans
Age UK The Ivy Plan£3,495Guar£1,200ab£9540NoYescYesd
Dignity The Amber Plan£3,535Guar£1,200ab£39520NoYescYesd
Family Funerals Trust Foundation£4,035eGuarGuar£10020NoNoYesf
Golden Leaves Simple Plan£3,420£1,100a£1,100a20%25cNoNoYesd
Perfect Choice The Simple Plan£3,555£1,150an/ag£16025NoNoYesd
The Co-operative Funeralcare Bronze£3,265GuarGuar£250h50iNoYescYesj
Standard funeral plans
Age UK The Holy Plan£3,845Guar£1,200ab£95401YescYesk
Dignity The Pearl Plan£3,885Guar£1,200ab£395201YeslYesk
Family Funerals Trust Coloured£4,600eGuarGuar£100201YescYesm
Golden Charter 50+ Standard Plan£3,525£940£940£199h15NoNoYesn
Golden Charter 50+ Select Plan£4,065£940£940£199h151YescYesn
Golden Leaves Standard£3,800£1,100a£1,100a20%25i1YescYesn
Perfect Choice The Traditional Plan£3,865£1,150an/ag£160251YesYesd
The Co-operative Funeralcare Silver£3,750GuarGuar£250h50i1YesoYesj
Comprehensive funeral plans
Age UK The Rowan Plan£4,245Guar£1,200ab£95402YesoYesk
Dignity The Diamond Plan£4,285Guar£1,200ab£395202YesoYesk
Family Funerals Trust Willow£5,100eGuarGuar£10020NoYescYesm
Golden Charter 50+ Premier Plan£4,239£940£940£199h152YescYesn
Golden Leaves Premium Plan£4,120£1,100a£1,100a20%25i2YescYesn
Perfect Choice The Complete Plan£4,230£1,150an/ag£160252YescYesd
The Co-operative Funeralcare Gold£4,095GuarGuar£250h50i1YesoYesj

Table notes

All information correct at December 2015. Plans from Family Funerals Trust can be found at both and

  1. Contribution increases with Retail Price Index
  2. Can be used towards the cost of plot, grave digger and church fees.
  3. During business hours
  4. To crematorium
  5. Prices vary regionally. These prices include an arrangement for a cremation, and are based on an average of the prices in available areas.
  6. Home to crematorium, churchyard, graveyard, or cemetery
  7. For plans that cover burials call provider for details
  8. Not applicable with fixed monthly options
  9. 24 hour collection
  10. From home/funeral home to church to crematorium
  11. Home to place of worship and then crematorium or burial site
  12. Weekdays by agreed appointment
  13. Home to church and then crematorium/churchyard/graveyard, cemetery
  14. To crematoria/cemetery
  15. Anytime by agreed appointment


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