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Finding the best home insurance should involve more than browsing a few price comparison sites for the cheapest premium.

Our short video explains the three steps you should take in order to find the best policy for you.


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Video transcript

There are two types of home insurance. Buildings insurance, which covers the structure of your property, and contents insurance which protects everything inside it. How much you'll pay and the service you'll receive can vary significantly. So here are three steps to finding the best.

When buying buildings insurance, you'll be asked for your properties rebuild value not the sale value. The Association of British Insurers has an online calculator to help you work this out. For content insurance, you'll have to calculate the total value of your contents. If you overestimate either of these, you'll end up paying more than you need to. Never risk under-insuring yourself, though, or you'll be left out of pocket if you need to claim. Many policies have an upper limit for individual items. So if you own anything particularly valuable, make sure your policy covers it. If you own contents like bikes, protected while they are outside of the house, let your insurer know as not all policies include these as standard.

If you live in a flood risk zone, a listed building, or a house with a thatched roof, it can be hard to find affordable cover. However, there are specialist insurers who cater for people in these situations. The easiest way to find them is through price comparison websites. Look for fantastic customer service. There's not much that's more stressful than having to deal with the aftermath of a burglary, flood, or fire in your home. So it's a good idea to choose a home insurer with a track record of handling claims quickly and efficiently.

Our home insurance customer satisfaction tables reveal which insurers are best rated for customer service, transparency, and value for money by policy holders. Sign up to a trial with Which? to access all of our expert reviews and see which home insurance companies have awarded recommended provider status.

Best and worst home insurance companies

Few insurers are good enough to be Which? Recommended Providers - they have to combine good cover with great customer service.

We scrutinised the standard contents insurance and buildings insurance policies of 39 providers and combined our analysis with feedback from thousands of customers.

Each policy is rated on the key aspects of its cover to produce a Which? policy score, while our customer score is based on how the insurers were rated by customers.

We reviewed some of the biggest insurers in the market including: John Lewis, The AA, LV, Halifax, Direct Line, Aviva, More Than, Churchill, Legal & General and Axa.

To be a Which? Recommended Provider, an insurer must: 

  • Be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Be available to the general public
  • Have received responses from 30 or more customers in our customer survey
  • Have received an average or above policy score (see table for current average score) and a customer score of 70% or above

This review reveals which insurers came out best for cover and customer service, and which scored the worst. To access this review and thousands of others, sign up for a £1 trial. Or if you're already a member, log in to see our reviews.

Best and worst home insurance
ProviderCustomer serviceHandling queries and complaintsValue for moneyCustomer scoreBuildings scoreContents scoreTotal
Subscriber only content74%75%73%74%
Subscriber only content71%79%74%74%
Subscriber only content73%72%76%74%
Subscriber only content-66%77%83%73%
Subscriber only content-68%77%77%72%
Subscriber only content69%74%76%72%
Subscriber only content71%73%73%72%
Subscriber only content71%72%72%72%
Subscriber only content-75%69%66%71%
Subscriber only content64%79%72%70%
Subscriber only content63%77%74%69%
Subscriber only content62%79%74%69%
Subscriber only content57%82%80%69%
Subscriber only content66%72%72%69%
Subscriber only content--62%79%72%69%
Subscriber only content64%74%73%69%
Subscriber only content62%79%72%69%
Subscriber only content-68%72%66%69%
Subscriber only content--65%75%69%68%
Subscriber only content65%76%67%68%
Subscriber only content63%73%73%68%
Subscriber only content66%73%70%68%
Subscriber only content64%71%70%67%
Subscriber only content63%74%66%66%
Subscriber only content67%64%68%66%
Subscriber only content60%74%71%66%
Subscriber only content61%68%69%65%
Subscriber only content65%63%65%65%
Subscriber only content56%73%73%65%
Subscriber only content-62%68%66%64%
Subscriber only content62%62%67%64%
Subscriber only content57%70%67%63%
Subscriber only content-63%59%63%62%
Subscriber only content59%60%58%59%
Subscriber only content--54%59%64%58%
Subscriber only content--58%58%57%58%
Subscriber only content--55%60%58%57%
Subscriber only content58%55%45%54%

How we calculate the scores

Customer scores

The customer score is based on a survey of 5,115 general public respondents and are worked using a combination overall satisfaction and likelihood of recommending the provider to a friend. If two or more brands show the same overall score, they are ranked to the next decimal place. Providers must receive a minimum sample size of 30 to be included. 

Policy scores

The policy score is our assessment of the quality of standard cover comparing 35 elements of a buildings insurance policy and 49 elements of a contents insurance policy. Providers must receive a minimum sample size of 30 respondents to be included. 

Total score

Total score is made up of 50% of the customer score and 25% each of buildings and contents policy scores.

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