Probate explained

Applying for probate

  • The Which?¬†guide to the entire probate process
  • How to obtain the Grant of Probate
  • Key tasks in estate administration
  • What you'll get from a probate solicitor

What's in this guide

What is probate? Video guide

Which? provides a step-by-step guide to probate, the legal process for dealing with the estate of someone who has died, and what you have to do. Contains video

Grant of probate

Learn why obtaining a Grant of Probate is necessary to gather in the assets of the deceased and distribute them in accordance with the provisions of their will.

DIY Probate

Find out what you need to do if you want to handle probate without the help of a solicitor, and how it could save you thousands of pounds.

Probate solicitors

People with complex estates to administer may find professional help essential. Which explains what you can expect from a probate solicitor.

Estate administration

Which? guides you through the final stage of probate - from transferring assets and selling property to preparing accounts and distributing the estate.

Intestacy rules

When someone dies without making a will, they are said to have died intestate. A close relative applies for letters of administration rather than probate.

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