State pension explained

  • Basic state pension- who gets what
  • Second state pension- how it works
  • Pension credit- qualifying rules
  • Deferring state pensionĀ 

What's in this guide

How much state pension will I get?

Which? explains how the state pension works, what state second pension is and how old you have to be to claim it Contains video

How do I qualify for state pension?

Which? explains how you qualify for the state pension, including what your state pension age is and National Insurance contributions affect state pension

State second pension and Serps

Get to grips with how the state second pension works, how much extra state pension you could get, and what Serps and S2P mean.

Deferring your state pension

Understand your options on deferring your state pension, how much extra you might gain and whether it's really a good deal.

Pension credit

Pension credit could help boost your state pension. This guide explains what is pension credit, who's entitled to it and how you can claim it.

Widow's pension and bereavement allowance

This guide explains what pension you're entitled to if you're widowed, and other allowances you get for bereavement.

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