Wills and Inheritance

Writing a will

  • How to make a will without paying hefty solicitor fees
  • Essential Which? tips to save time, money and effort
  • A guide on how to validate, store and update your will
  • Interactive guide to intestacy rules

What's in this guide

Reasons for making a will

The essential tips you need to know before making a will, which services to use when you make a will and what to do if you want to change your will

What to put in your will

Find out what you put in your will, what happens if you leave property in your will, and how to appoint an executor to your estate

How to make a will

This guide explains the different ways to make a will, how much it might cost and where to store your will

Intestacy – dying without a will

What to do if someone dies without a will, how an estate is divided up, and all the information you might need surrounding intestacy rules

Inheritance tax - how much will I pay?

Learn about inheritance tax; how much you are likely to pay and ways you can reduce the amount you owe

Wills and probate

Find out what is probate, how wills and probate work together and how to administer someone's estate in accordance with their will

Living Wills explained

A complete guide to setting out your wishes when you die, including how you can specify the medical treatment you receive

Will trusts and lifetime trusts

Which? explains will trusts, how they work and whether will trusts and lifetime trusts are worth buying

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