Find unclaimed assets Tracing well-hidden assets

For assets that are tricky to track down such as investments and life insurance policies you may want to use the unclaimed assets register. 

The Unclaimed Assets Register

For £25, you can search the Unclaimed Assets Register (UAR) – a database of about five million unclaimed life policies, pensions, unit trust holdings and share dividends from 76 major providers.

How to use the unclaimed assets register

To use the Unclaimed Assets Register you'll need your current contact details plus any previous names and addresses. You can also search on behalf of someone else, provided you’re legally entitled to do so. You can check which companies supply information on its website.

For your £25, a search of the whole database is conducted, and where a match occurs you’ll be given details of the provider and how to contact them. 

Although having to pay for this service isn’t ideal, this search does help you to look for some of the products that are harder to track down, and is particularly useful if you don’t have any details of the investment or policy.

If your search isn’t successful, that doesn’t mean you have no unclaimed assets, just that you have none with the companies who have provided details to UAR.

The UAR will get back to you within two working days.


Tracing your lost cash – in figures

  • 25,000 - The number of successful traces on for NS&I products in its first six months

  • 64,852 - The number of pensions traced by the Pension Tracing Service in 2007

  • 140,000 - The number of people who have searched for their lost bank, building society and NS&I accounts on in its first seven months

  • £6,000 - The average amount that the Unclaimed Assets Register reunites people with

  • £31 million - The amount in unclaimed premium bond prizes (there are 500,000 unclaimed prizes)

  • £25,000 - Largest unclaimed premium bond prize

  • £1 billion - The total unclaimed money in NS&I products (excluding premium bonds)

  • £400 million - The amount of unclaimed money in bank and building society accounts

  • £20 billion - The estimated amount of unclaimed assets

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