Fund supermarkets reviewed Fund supermarket customer satisfaction scores

A fund supermarket is a service offering investors a choice of thousands of funds and shares, at the click of a button or via a phone call. But which are the best, and which leave something to be desired?

Our fund supermarket review pages break down the charges levied by 15 major players to work out which offer the cheapest deal, whether you’ve got a small or large pot of investment savings.

And you can see the results of our unique customer satisfaction survey, based on 1,865 responses from Which? members who invest their money with fund supermarkets.

This review reveals:
• the fund supermarket providers with the most - and least - satisfied customers
• how each provider scores for seven different aspects of customer service
• which fund supermarkets make up Which? members' top four most popular

Just two of the 15 fund supermarkets reviewed manage to achieve customer scores above 70%. 

Other providers scored miserably in comparison, with the worst-rated company registering a customer score of 48%. 

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Investment supermarket customer satisfaction
 Customer serviceAdministrationInformation on investment opportunitiesOnline account functionalityOnline tools and guidanceCustomer score
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars78%
5 stars4 stars2 stars4 stars-71%
4 stars3 stars3 stars4 stars-68%
4 stars3 stars2 stars4 stars3 stars68%
5 stars4 stars3 stars4 stars3 stars67%
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars4 stars66%
4 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars60%
4 stars3 stars2 stars3 stars3 stars57%
4 stars3 stars2 stars4 stars3 stars56%
4 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars54%
3 stars3 stars2 stars3 stars2 stars54%
4 stars3 stars2 stars3 stars3 stars53%
4 stars3 stars2 stars3 stars3 stars52%
3 stars3 stars2 stars3 stars-48%

Table Notes:
The average customer score is 60%. Star ratings out of five show levels of satisfaction with each area. Customer scores are worked out using a combination of overall satisfaction and likelihood of recommending the provider to a friend. If two or more brands show the same overall score, they are ranked alphabetically. Providers must receive a minimum sample size of 30 for inclusion in the table.

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