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Fund supermarkets offer investors access to a wide range of investment products, the ability to monitor your portfolio, invest tax-efficiently and reduce administration, but finding the right one can be a minefield. 

The video below explains what a fund supermarket does and what features the best fund supermarkets tend to provide.


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Video transcript

Making the step up from savings accounts to stocks and shares investments used to be a major commitment, but these days it's much easier. A good financial adviser can take all the strain for you, but if you want to get a bit more hands on, then a fund supermarket is where you want to go. Put simply, a fund supermarket will give you one online platform through which you can manage all of your investments.

You can buy a range of investments, be it shares, bonds or funds with a click of a button or a short phone call. You can even save a bit on your taxes as well by using the fund supermarket to manage your stocks and shares ISA, or a self-invested personal pension. What's on offer varies widely from basic service brokers that just enable you to buy and sell investments, to premium fund supermarkets that give you reams of information to help you make decisions.

A good fund supermarket will provide you with information on investments, and how they performed while some will give you mobile phone apps to monitor your portfolio, and a friendly helpline to call if you have a burning investment query. Finding the right fund supermarket can be a minefield though, with widely varying charges and quality of service, so Which? surveys thousands of fund supermarket customers, to compile a unique customer satisfaction rating to help you find the best.

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