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June 2006

OFT launches airports probe

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has launched an investigation into the UK airports sector to see if it works well for consumers.

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Care homes to get ratings

Care homes for elderly and disabled people are to be given hotel-style star ratings in a bid to improve standards, it's reported today.

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Flight complaints soar

More consumers than ever are complaining about a problem they suffered while in another EU country - and most concern flights.

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OFT crackdown on costly phoneline scam

A company which conned consumers into thinking they'd won GBP 10,000 to lure them into calling a costly phone line has been forced to make a binding promise to stop ripping off the public.

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ASA raps Flora for health claim

A newspaper ad which claimed Flora Pro.activ margarine 'helps keep blood vessels healthy' has been slated by the advertising watchdog.

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Thousands stolen from HSBC accounts

A financial scam at an HSBC Indian call centre has seen close to a quarter of a million pounds siphoned out of British bank accounts, it emerged last night.

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Beta blockers axed for blood pressure

Up to 2 million people suffering with high blood pressure are to be taken off beta blockers in favour of more effective drugs.

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