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M&S to stock lower alcohol wines

It says move will offer consumers greater choice


Glasses of white wine in a row.

High street chain Marks & Spencer will stock more lower-alcohol wines to give customers greater choice, the retailer said today.

The company is sourcing a greater variety at the lower end of the strength spectrum – around 9 per cent alcohol by volume.

It will continue to sell a range of wine strengths, with the strongest at around 14.5 per cent ABV.

The chain’s wine technologist, Sue Daniels, said: ‘We are actively sourcing wines for our range at different alcohol levels from 9 per cent to 14.5 per cent in order to give our customers greater choice.

‘All our wines are labelled with the alcohol by volume and units of alcohol to allow the customer to make an informed choice on what they drink.’

Alcohol levels

Alcohol levels in wine have been steadily increasing in recent years.

According to specialist wine website, the increase is due to improved grape growing techniques, rising average temperatures and consumer preferences for riper, easy-drinking styles.

Curbing the alcohol content of wines while retaining flavour is becoming a major challenge for many producers, says.

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