Designer bags on sale for a fiverReusable cotton carriers aim to cut use of plastic

24 April 2007

Designer bags which sold on eBay for up to £175 will go on sale in supermarkets for £5.

Sainsbury's is gearing up for tomorrow's launch of the limited edition Anya Hindmarch creation which bears the slogan 'I'm not a plastic bag'.

The bag shot to fame after a host of celebrities and fashionistas were photographed carrying it.

It was developed with the We Are What We Do movement in a bid to cut the number of plastic bags used in the UK.


The group said the bag should be sold on a not-for-profit basis for £5 to help the environment - instead of being auctioned on eBay.

Some 20,000 of the reusable cotton bags will go on sale at 450 Sainsbury's stores from 8am tomorrow. The chain is predicting a fast sell-out.

The supermarket's customer director Gwyn Burr said: 'Sainsbury's customers are clearly excited about the Anya Hindmarch bag.'

Shoppers queued down the street to snap up a limited number of the bags when they went on sale at Hindmarch's London boutique last month.

They are still selling on eBay for many times their £5 retail price.

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