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Ashtray for considerate smokers launched

Used butts can be stored in the 'ashcan'

A portable ashtray marketed as this summer’s ‘must have’ has been launched.

Called the Ashcan, it is targeted at smokers ahead of the July 1 ban in England.

The Ashcan is an airtight container where the used cigarette butt can be extinguished and stored.

It is roughly the same size as a single cigarette and is made from aluminium and flame-retardant plastic.

Fines warning

The Ashcan’s launch follows warnings that smokers face fines of up to £80 for dropping used cigarettes in the street.

Publicity material for the portable ashtray says: ‘Until now, smokers have had little choice but to reinforce their bad name by dropping their cigarette butt on the ground.

‘Ashcan offers these conscientious smokers a choice, a way to enjoy their habit and care about their surroundings.’

The Ashcan goes on sale at Tesco stores from today priced at £1.20 each.

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