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Dust off for sat-nav thieves

New weapon in the fight against car crime


Satelitte navigation system in car

Motorists with satellite navigation (sat-nav) systems are to be handed dusters in a bit to thwart the rocketing number of thefts.

Police in Gloucestershire are handing out 2,500 yellow dusters to drivers with sat-navs and shops which sell the systems.

They want drivers to use the dusters to wipe off the tell tale sat-nav sucker marks from their windscreens.

Theft increase

The move follows a huge 75 per cent increase in sat-nav thefts in the county since 2005.

Crime Reduction Officer Paul Francis said: ‘The sucker mark can act as a beacon to thieves and they will target your car on the assumption that a sat-nav has been left in the glove box.

‘So even if you have removed the device you will still be left with a smashed window to replace which is hugely inconvenient.’

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