Rugged microwave designed for outdoorsDoes it spell the end for the camp fire?

16 July 2007


Wavebox portable microwave

The good old fashioned camp fire could become a thing of the past after an American company produced a portable microwave oven designed for rugged environments.

The weather resistant WaveBox is described as the smallest microwave in the world - 20 per cent smaller and 40 per cent lighter than other models.

It comes in a variety of colours and can be powered from the mains, or through a car battery or car cigarette lighter outlet.

Fishing and camping

The manufacturers say it’s ‘built for daily use in tough environments such as construction, boating, fishing and camping.’

It has a no-slip rubber base for stability, heavy-duty casing and a luggage-type handle to make it easy to carry.

The WaveBox comes with two extra-long DC cords to either clip it to the vehicle battery or the cigarette lighter outlet.

However, it’s currently only on sale in the US.