Sony to fix camera faultSafety problem with some Cyber Shots

07 August 2007


Sony recall camera

Sony says there is a potential safety problem on certain models of its Cyber Shot DSC-T5 cameras.

It says the metal casing on the bottom of the camera may warp, leaving a sharp edge that could cause a minor cut or scratch to the skin.

The electronic giant is now offering a replacement bottom casing for the affected products.

 The affected model was released in September 2005 and has a serial number between 4500001 and 4569350.

Serial numbers

The model name and serial number can be found on the nameplate at the bottom of the unit.

If you have a model that falls within the serial number range above, you should download the DSC-T5 repair form.

The bottom of the casing will be replaced free of charge and DSC-T5 cameras that do not fall within this serial number are not affected.