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September 2007

Are your tyres safe?

Do you ever stop to think that tyres are the only point of contact between your car and the road - or that patch of slippery mud, ice or wet leaves?

Staffordshire cheese wins protected status

Staffordshire cheese has been awarded the European legal protection enjoyed by world famous regional specialities such as Parma ham, champagne and feta, it has been announced.

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Most Britons stash cash around the home

Three-quarters of Britons admit they hide cash around their homes with the average person having more than £100 stashed away, a survey showed.

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Tests uncover many dead seeds

Gardening Which? tests found nearly all the delphinium seeds checked from one company were dead, the magazine reveals today.

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Energy-hungry light bulbs fading out

Energy-guzzling light bulbs will begin to disappear from shop shelves early next year as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions.

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