Solo charges are unfair say single travellersPoll shows singles don't like high supplements

08 September 2007

More than two thirds of solo travellers think extra charges for staying in a hotel alone are unfair, according to a poll of Which? members.

Holiday Which? believes single travellers should not have to pay more that 50% of the price paid for two people on the same holiday.

While other service industries have made strides to cater for singles, for example supermarkets providing a range of individual meals, the holiday industry penalises solo travellers.

Holiday Which? looked at two hotels in Spain and in both cases the price for a single room was more than half that for two people, and in one case, a single person would be charged exactly the same as two people.

On many travel websites the only room option available to a single traveller is a single room, whereas two people are often given various room types and upgrades to choose from.

Solo tips

Among the tips Holiday Which? suggests to solos to have a more enjoyable trip are:

  • Take a holiday outside peak times, such as school holidays to save money.
  • If you want more chance of meeting people choose a small B&B or guesthouse rather than an anonymous hotel.
  • Always look confident, keep a low profile and dress down to avoid any unwanted attention.
  • Try not to look lost. If you need to refer to a map do it in a café or on a park bench – avoid standing on the street looking confused.
  • Keep busy at meal times. Take a book, write up the days events in your travel diary or study a phrasebook and learn a few essential words.
  • Go to a festival. People are often more friendly when there is something going on around them.

Jon Mitcham, of Holiday Which?, said: ‘In many parts of the world solo travellers are discriminated, particularly when they are charged the full price for a double room when there are no other choices.’