Dark chocolate outsells milk varietyWaitrose says higher cocoa levels popular

13 October 2007

Dark chocolate is now outselling milk chocolate at one UK food chain.

Shoppers are buying 50% more higher cocoa than milk varieties at Waitrose.

Sales of the bitter-sweet dark chocolate are increasing three times faster than the milk variety at the food chain.

Mood enhancer

The upturn follows reports about the potential health benefits of the high-cocoa confectionery, which has variously been described as good for the heart, containing antioxidants and a mood enhancer.

Waitrose chocolate buyer Clare Bartlett said: 'A generation ago the pattern would have been very different, with dark chocolate accounting for only 10% of sales compared to milk chocolate.

'But today the bitter-sweet flavours of dark chocolate combined with its renowned antioxidant properties has made it a firm favourite with the British palate.'

The food chain's announcement comes a year after Woolworths said its dark chocolate sales had more than doubled over a 12 month period.

Dark chocolate was most popular among wealthier, professional ABC1 class shoppers, Woolworths said.

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