Store launches 'healthiest' roasting potatoSainsbury's says Phureja needs little oil

06 December 2007

A knife and fork.

A potato described as the healthiest variety for roasting is launching in stores.

Called the Phureja, it has golden-coloured flesh and a slightly sweet taste.

Sainsbury's, which will sell the spud, said it is the healthiest potato for roasting because it cooks quickly in small amounts of very light oil.

Phureja potato

The Phureja - pronounced 'fur-eka' - is native to South America.

Sainsbury's senior buyer John Maylam said: 'Knowing how many spuds we're all likely to eat over Christmas, this is a blessing. They roast perfectly, without the need for duck fat or other high calorific oils.'

Once cooked, the potato does not require any extra butter because of its naturally sweet, buttery taste, the chain said.

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