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EasyJet slammed over refund gimmick ad

ASA says ad was misleading

No-frills airline EasyJet has been criticised over a ‘misleading’ newspaper advert which promised holidaymakers ‘double the difference’ back if they found a cheaper fare.

But the cheaper fares had to be for flights that departed within one hour of EasyJet services from the same airport, and to the same destination.

Refund claims also had to be made within one hour of booking the flight.

EasyJet told the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the terms and conditions of the offer were explicit on each ad, and said the offer had been taken up by a number of people.

Restricting terms

But the watchdog ruled the adverts, which also appeared online, broke industry rules.

The ASA said that while the design and layout gave the impression the ‘double the difference’ refund was easy to obtain, the ‘restricting terms and conditions suggested it was not’.

It added that EasyJet had not sent evidence to show customers had been able to take up the offer.

The ASA concluded the ads were misleading and told EasyJet not to re-run them.

Which? travel expert Bob Tolliday said: ‘This was a gimmick promotion and it’s good to see the ASA cracking down on this sort of ridiculous restriction.’

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