Co-op to offer compostable shopping bagsStores in its trial won't offer free plastic bags

07 May 2008

Co-op logo

Co-op is seen as the best of the supermarkets for electrical goods

The Co-op is launching a 6p shopping bag which can be thrown on a compost heap when it wears out.

Bosses say the bag - made of polyester and cornstarch - is the UK's 'first fully-accredited home compostable carrier'.

They say the bag's popularity will be tested at selected stores in East Anglia before it is offered nationwide.

Plastic bag curbs

The Co-op says stores taking part in the trial will not offer free plastic bags.

A spokeswoman said: 'To get the most use out of compostable bags, it is best to use them for shopping a few times, then line a kitchen compost caddy or use them to catch vegetable peelings before putting them into a garden compost bin. They are not suitable for recycling.'

The Co-op says it will also offer degradable carriers - at a cost of 1p and 2p - which break down within three years and can be recycled in new store bins as part of the trial.

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